As your Norwegian elopement photographer, I’ll help you plan amazing adventures and find stunning locations as we celebrate your bond together. Alongside a collection of wonderful photographs, you’ll also bring home a treasure chest of special memories. Ready to begin? The fjords and mountains await!

See you soon!

Endre Hilleren

Your epic love adventure awaits…discover it in the unmatched beauty of glacial fjords, panoramic mountain vistas, ancient forests and a history rich in exploration.

Hello! My name is Endre – I help couples discover the incredible secrets of my country as we embark on the experience of a lifetime. Norway is a place that can make your heart and spirit soar…I’d be honoured to be your guide on this inspiring journey.

Welcome to my homeland. Welcome to Norway!



This is for me, let's do it!

The Sognefjord is a stunning blend of deep fjords and dramatic peaks, making it the perfect setting for your elopement adventure. Whether we’re scaling snowy mountaintops or exploring the ancient valleys below, your love will shine brightly amidst the heartwarming natural beauty of the Sognefjord.


Endre hilleren

Love celebrated – wherever and however you want. Vows under the Northern Lights, a first dance against the midnight sun…make your elopement all your own, every step of the way.

Hearts on fire

Endre Hilleren

We are blessed with four beautiful seasons here in Norway. No matter when you visit, you will be welcomed by breathtaking natural beauty.

Four seasons under one sky

endre hilleren

Stunning locations surround you, and there is no limit to where your elopement can take place. Venture to all four corners and carve out your own path.

Explore every inch