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10 Reasons You Should Consider Eloping In Loen, Norway

November 28, 2022

One of the most beautiful four-letter words in the world is LOVE. Love is the thing that allows us to be our most authentic self. As an elopement photographer, I fall back in love every time I get the chance to help a couple like yourself tell your story – and when it comes to telling your story the right way, the location can be everything. This is why I’m taking a little time to tell you about another one of my favorite four-letter words – Loen – and why you should consider eloping in Loen, Norway!

When it comes to where to elope in Norway, there are plenty of places to choose from, but in my opinion, one of the best places to elope in Norway is Loen. Gorgeous views, the Northern lights, fjords filled with crystalline waters, clear skies, and sweeping sunsets are just a few of the reasons eloping in Loen, Norway is an amazing choice.

Still unsure? Perhaps silently asking yourself is Norway good for elopements? Here’s why Norwegian elopements – especially a Loen, Norway elopement – is the best decision you can make.

1. Northern Lights Elopement!

There’s something absolutely magical about the all-natural light show that our planet produces with the aurora borealis, or the Northern Lights. Between November and February, this atmospheric phenomenon appears in the night sky, swaths of purple, green and red lights crest against the sky the way waves crest against the shore. Plus, with such an amazing light show, Northern Lights photography literally makes your images look like they came from a whole other world. It’s truly breathtaking.

2. Fjords, Fjords, Everywhere! 

From out of this world to the end of the world. Or at least, it will appear that way in your fjord elopement photography. The beauty of the fjords in Loen is that they appear as if you’ve found some hidden spot at the end of the world that no one has ever traversed. The crisp, clear waters seem to extend forever between the rock walls, carved by the hands of mother nature herself. 

Whether you want to take the trek to climb to the top of the highest point and catch the views, or you want to stand on the shore where the cliffs stretch above you and the water rushes by. CGI couldn’t create a background this gorgeous. 

3. Winter Sun 

Winter sun. It might sound like an odd reason to elope anywhere, but the winter sun does something special in Loen! As the days grow shorter, and the sun disappears into the skies earlier and earlier, the winter sun creates a different kind of glow on the landscapes of Loen. The sun somehow seems to shine brighter in winter months – an almost pure, pristine sort of light that isn’t found in the lounging sun of summer. 

When you combine the winter sun with the inches of freshly fallen snow, the winter sun photography somehow sparkles – like diamonds being spread beneath your feet, catching rays of precious light before it fades. A winter sun elopement can be tricky to plan for, but I’ll be here to help you with all of that as we go on! 

4. Chasing Waterfalls 

I love waterfalls. As a Loen elopement photographer, it is so hard to not fall in love with the bevy of waterfalls scattered throughout Loen! The beauty that nature creates on its own rivals anything our imagination can create, and that goes double for the waterfalls of Loen. Plus, you must admit, that considering one of the falls is called The Bridal Veil, it almost seems meant to be for an elopement adventure!

5. Quaint Villages With A View 

Everything about the villages spread along the waterfronts of Loen is, for lack of a better word, picturesque. When you step into them, you feel like you’ve stepped outside of your body, and into a character in a book. One that talks of simpler times, and communities who cared for each other. Where everyone knew everyone, and you could borrow a cup of sugar or an egg when you needed it. 

Plus, with a good portion of them located wedged between waters and mountains, a portion of the towns have vista points – perfect for capturing that panoramic view for your elopement photography. 

6. One Word: Skylift

Who hasn’t secretly dreamed of being able to take flight? To be standing at the bottom of a mountain, and then suddenly burst into the air, soaring into the clouds, taking in all the sights as you sail above them? Well with the Loen Skylift, that’s exactly what you get to do, and all in the safety of an in-air gondola. 

Traveling over 1000 meters into the air to the top of Mount Hoven, the Loen Skylift gives you the chance to view 360 degrees of Loen, all while making one of the steepest air tram climbs in the world. It’s a full-on adventure that seamlessly lands you at the top of one of the biggest mountains in the area, another perfect place for some elopement photo captures. 

7. Hiking, Biking And Climbing, Oh My! 

While the idea of climbing cliffs, riding mountain pathways and traversing hiking trails may not be ideal for everyone – if that is your thing, then Loen certainly has plenty of it to offer. There are tons of hiking trails, biking trails and outdoor adventures to partake in as you adventure around the area. Plus, if you are up for a bit of a hiking adventure, the possibilities for photos are nearly endless. We’ll just have to make sure to bring a change of clothes!

8. The Good Life 

As an almost antithesis to the idea of hiking, climbing and biking your way through Loen, there is a far more relaxing and far less active version of Loen to enjoy – and that is the wide range of luxury spas to choose from, and no matter what kind of elopement you’re looking for, we all love a bit of pampering. 

9. Sightseeing Is More Than The Outdoors

As much as I love the ridiculous amount of nature that Loen provides, I also love that it has so much more to offer! Loen offers quite a few museums, galleries, ancient churches and historical homes that you can spend your days traipsing through – and each of them offers a whole new place to capture some candid, less traditional photos for your elopement. It gives you a chance to learn a little bit about the place that will live in your hearts forever as the place you were wed. 

10. The Hidden Gems 

It may be hard to believe after such an extensive list of reasons, but there are still quite a few hidden gems around Loen that I haven’t listed. Of course, if I did, they wouldn’t be hidden! As your Loen elopement photographer, I’ll be here to reveal all the treasures and gems Loen has to offer. Reach out today, so that way we can begin planning your Loen elopement adventure!

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