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Elopement on the Lofoten islands

July 20, 2021

We fell in love with the Lofoten Islands from the first moment we have been there. The steep mountains that stick out of the fjords’ turquoise water, white sand beaches, countless crystal clear mountain lakes, and untouched nature make this archipelago the perfect elopement place for adventurous nature lovers. The landscapes are unique, and there are so many stunning views, it is hard to decide where to look first.

Few things to keep in mind when you plan to elope on the Lofoten islands

  • The weather can be unpredictable that far north. You can be lucky and experience blue skies and golden sunsets, but more realistic is that there are some clouds and a short rain shower. The good thing is that the weather changes quickly. If you wake up to rain, it can be sunny half an hour later. It is always a bit of a surprise what weather awaits you.
  • Plan in which season you visit this fascinating archipelago. Snow-covered landscapes and northern lights sound amazing, and, yes, it is magical, but keep in mind that it is dark all day long in December and the beginning of January. In the summer weeks, you have the midnight sun, and it never gets dark. This means if you dream of sunset-wedding photos, you will have to stay up till the middle of the night.
    We would recommend planning for spring or autumn, you have moderate day and night times, there is still a chance to see the northern lights, and it is less touristy than in the summer months.
  • Bring jackets! Even in the summer months, it is still chilly above the polar circle. And although the turquoise blue water and the sand beaches look like a tropical paradise, the water is most likely around 12°C. You need to be brave to jump into the beautiful fjords.


If you come prepared and are ready to embrace every weather, you will love the Lofoten Islands!

This archipelago has so much to offer, from the stunning landscapes to the historic fishing villages and cute Rorbuer to spend the nights.
  • You can find beautiful hikes for every level of experience, from leisurely strolls to hidden sand beaches, more challenging hikes to the mountain tops, or even some well-known climbing routes. There is something for everyone. And the views are amazing EVERYWHERE!
  • It is the right place for you if you like fish and berries. The Lofoten are historic fisher islands. Many years ago, hundreds of fishermen spent the winter here. Today, you will see many places where fish are hanging to dry – Tørrfisk is a specialty of Norway. If you prefer berries (like us), you will also be happy. There are fields of blueberries as far as you can see in the late summer months.
  • Giant whales, seals, countless birds, foxes, and moose, the wildlife up here, has so much to explore.
  • Once in a lifetime, everyone should see the northern lights on the night sky. It is a magical experience and one of the most beautiful nature spectacles.


Hiking Adventure Session on the Lofoten Islands in Norway

From the first day we visited Lofoten Island, we have been stoked about this place. It is beyond beautiful, and the countless stunning places are a dream for every elopement photographer. We have been so excited to plan an adventure session with Daria & David. There are so many stunning places on the Lofoten Islands that we couldn’t decide where to go, and to capture as much of the fantastic landscapes as possible, we suggested hiking not just to one but to two mountaintops. Daria and David told us that they were in immediately, and we got even more excited about their photo session.Now we just had to cross our fingers that the weather stays dry. At noon we picked Daria and David up in Svolvær and drove together to the Island of Gimsoya, from where we started the hike to our first photo location. It was cloudy, but this weather made the photos just more authentic for Norway, and now and then, even the sun beamed through the clouds.

Together we explored all the corners of the remarkable mountain peak, enjoyed the stunning views of the surrounding mountains and fjords, and created beautiful couple photos for them in the stunning landscape of Norway. The wind let Daria’s dress fly, which made the images look even more adventurous and unique.
Although it was a bit cold, the couple didn’t let it show, and we had so much fun together!

After a while, we started to hike back to the car to be on the second mountaintop for sunset. The hiking path led us through high grass and a beautiful little mountain lake, which was already sparkling in the golden evening sun. Of course, we also captured these moments along the way on photos. When the couple sometimes doesn’t even notice that we are taking pictures, the little in-between moments are often our favorite captures.

Sunset in Lofoten

In the last few minutes of the hike, we started to get a little nervous because everything started to get covered in a dense fog. But just before we reached the top, the sight cleared up again, and we had the most fantastic view over the remarkable mountains, white-sand beaches, and the turquoise water around us. The clouds reflected the warm light of the evening sun and danced so fast around us that we started immediately to take photos before the fog would cover the view again.
We hiked to many mountain peaks to watch the sunset during our time in Norway, but the weather here is so unpredictable, and almost every time, the clouds came up just in time to hide the actual sunset from us. This made us feel even more lucky and excited that the weather put on such a fantastic show for us that evening. The combination of clouds and the golden sunset created the most unique mood that none of us will forget again.

We are so grateful that Daria and David trusted us completely, even hiked to two mountain tops with us, and have been up to try all our ideas. Nature created the most beautiful backdrop for us. It was even more stunning than in our dreams, and we are sure that we will always love to remember that adventure photo session on the Lofoten Islands.

About Us – Victoria & Fabian of Wild Embrace Photography

Hey, we are Victoria & Fabian!

We love to travel in our old VW T3 bus, hike to the top of mountains all over the world, listen to the sound of the sea, watch the sunrise, the stars, and the moon, spot wild animals, and photograph adventurous weddings and elopements.
Photography gives us the possibility to share our enthusiasm for nature and beautiful landscapes with others.
To be part of such personal moments like a wedding day and document this unique time for our couples with beautiful photos is always so special for us.
Unconventional wedding ceremonies in nature that truly reflect the personality and relationship are what fascinates us most.
We want to capture real love and create candid photos of our couples for who they are and what their relationship is.
Our desire is to create photos that let you feel the butterflies again and make your heart skip a beat every time you look at them!

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