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Archipelago Elopement: How to Plan a Norwegian Elopement at Lofoten

September 29, 2022

I can’t describe the love I have for my home country of Norway. There is a deeply rooted history here, dating back to the mighty Vikings who once laid roots in the frozen landscape. The terrain matches what you’d expect a neighbor of the Arctic Circle to look like: a mixture of awe-inspiring vistas, jaw-dropping starscapes, and rugged landscapes all combine together to make this place so uniquely special. While there are so many places in Norway to choose from when it comes to plotting out your elopement fantasies, if I had to choose, I would point you in one direction. Here’s how to plan a Norwegian elopement at Lofoten.

For an elopement photographer, Lofoten provides so many reasons to pull out your camera.

Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands are comprised of six separate islands near the Arctic Circle, making it a wondrous archipelago in which to spend your elopement. But where is the best place to start for your Lofoten elopement? What should we put on the Lofoten elopement itinerary? So many Lofoten elopement ideas can make it feel tough to know where to start. Don’t worry, though! That’s why I’m here!

While each island has its own charm and character, the place that I would recommend we look at is the island of Leknes. Not only does Leknes provide a modicum of ease for your journey (you can fly into Leknes, unlike the other islands), but the island itself has a wide range of options to offer when considering how to plan a Norwegian elopement at Lofoten.

Leknes is home to a wealth of history. There are still blacksmiths who continue to work in the old ways, picturesque fishing hamlets full of people working the same land (or sea) their ancestors did. There are gorgeous mountain ranges full of rocky crags and replete with spectacular views that have seemingly been untouched by humans. Not to mention the world’s largest coral reef, sea kayaking, and a variety of hikes available to you at a moment’s notice. 

All of this adds up to more than an amazing vacation – it’s an ideal elopement adventure, one with no shortage of spots to plan the most stunning Lofoten elopement photography. But of the main things to think about BEFORE we choose the best place to get those picturesque snaps is how to pack for your trip!

The ancestors of the past are still very present on the islands of Lofoten.

What To Pack For Your Lofoten Elopement

Normally I wouldn’t tell you what to wear, but in this instance it seems important to give you a heads up. Lofoten is a beautiful, majestic place, but it is also cold, sometimes a little misty, and sometimes a little rainy. A place where hiking boots would be considered a smart fashion choice (don’t get me wrong, I love Converse too, but Norway doesn’t love them as much!), and a good, heavy jacket is an absolute must – not just for winter, but for spring and autumn as well. 

Don’t let the gear needs fool you, though! The pictures we get will be nothing short of fantastic, because it is all about the mindset. The approach. The way we view the landscape and mold it to our needs. Finding beauty in the places that allow us creative freedom and miraculous moments. As long as we go in with that mindset, the weather is no match for us!

Now, with that mindset in mind, we can take on the next step of our elopement photography Lofoten journey: Glomstinden.

Sweeping views provide a perfect setting for your elopement photography in Lofoten.


Glomstinden is a mountain peak so beautiful it was surely crafted by the Norse gods themselves. It provides an amazing view that will set the right tone for your elopement, and is surprisingly accessible – meaning we don’t need to be level ten expert hikers to achieve this kind of greatness! 

No matter the season, gorgeous Glomstinden gives us no shortage of beauty to capture, which means you can plan your elopement for any time of year. Just make sure to bring a good coat. I’ve already got mine ready and waiting.

Why I Love Norway

Norway holds a special place in my heart – one so pure and pristine that it will remain forever untouched by any other part of the outside world. It is my first love. One of my best and oldest friends. It has seen some of my most cherished moments and precious memories. Which is why I believe wholeheartedly that I am meant to join you on the journey of your Norway elopement at Lofoten.

Please reach out to me through my website, so we can begin the next steps together!

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