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10 Unbelievably Good Reasons To Elope In Lofoten

October 31, 2022

While I could give you a million reasons to elope in Lofoten, a huge proportion of those will revolve around this location’s biggest draw – the scenery. There’s an incredible mixture of beautiful beaches, sprawling skies, luscious landscapes and quaint sea towns that offer the kind of charm only found in tucked-away places seemingly untouched by our busy world.

Why elope in Lofoten? Each island provides something a little different for the visitor. Some are more modern with their offerings, while others are a bit more ancient, housing relics left from the time of Vikings. With their own distinct personalities, each island gives us a chance to look at a mixture of fun Lofoten elopement ideas!

Hopefully by now, I’ve answered the most important question: 

Is Lofoten A Good Place To Elope?

In short. Yes! But, in a longer version, not only is Lofoten a great place to elope, I have 10 unbelievably good reasons to elope in Lofoten. 

1. The Dramatic Weather 

It might not seem like this is a good thing, but dramatic weather means dramatic Lofoten elopement photography. The icy winters bring blankets of fresh, soft, pure white snow. The kind you thought only existed in Disney movies. It gives you a chance to live out peak winter wedding fantasies. 

Winter isn’t the only dramatic season though. The Spring blooms so brightly that the entire landscape is covered in the jewel-toned hues of new life. Flora and fauna all emerge from their winter hibernation and turn the Lofoten landscapes into an idyllic paradise. That same paradise explodes in the oranges, yellows and reds of Fall when the Spring fades away. There’s almost no bad time to elope here. Especially when you’re the Lofoten elopement photographer! It’s a dreamscape to capture on film. 

The dramatic weather and winters in Lofoten
The weather and winter are both dramatic in Lofoten (Photo Credit: Conor Sheridan, Unsplash)

2. The Whimsy Of The Winter 

While most places tend to shut down when temperatures drop in the winter, Lofoten doesn’t let a little snow stop them. There are the winter festivals in Henningsvær, full of seasonal fare, lights and music. There are snowshoe tours that traverse through icy landscapes. Arctic surfing lessons are available too, if you’re brave enough. Plus, tourism slows quite a bit in the winter, so fewer tourists to deal with and better deals on things you need to make your dream come true. 

3. Lofotodden National Park 

This is the perfect place for the couple seeking an outdoor adventure as part of their elopement. Lofotodden National Park, considered one of the newest National parks in Lofoten, is home to some of the most amazing views in the archipelago. Made even better that the hikes are fairly accessible, and you don’t have to get too close to the top to have an epic view. The park is also home to gorgeous beaches, some so accessible you can access them while walking barefoot – just, maybe not in the winter. LOL. 

Where to elope in Lofoten? Lofotodden National Park
Wonder where to elope in Lofoten? Just take a peek at Lofotodden National Park (Photo Credit: Luke Richardson, Unsplash)

4. The Fjords 

With the sweeping peaks and mountain landscapes that make up this multi-island paradise, one of the natural wonders created from them is the Fjords. Considered the mouth to the sea, fjords are narrow inlets of water, surrounded by mountains or cliffs, and created by glaciers. They also make elopement photos look as if they were filmed on the set of a James Cameron film, and trust me, that is never a bad thing. 

The beauty of the Fjords of Norway is just one of the many places to elope in Lofoten
The geological beauty of the Fjords of Norway is just one of the many places to elope in Lofoten (Photo Credit: Doug Zhang, Unsplash)

5. The Great Outdoors 

There are so many things to discover in Lofoten! From the mountain hikes to the sandy beaches, to the Viking artefacts and seemingly ancient fishing villages, there are so many adventures you can get into when you are in Lofoten. This means that you and your partner get the chance to experience an entire adventure before the honeymoon begins. 

6. The Unique Places To Stay 

Haven’t you ever wanted to spend your wedding weekend staying in a cozy set of rustic fishing cabins set beside the ocean? Perhaps a mirror cabin in the woods or a glass dome under the Northern Lights is more your style? Maybe it’s the ice hotel, sleeping soundly under reindeer skins? No matter what unique version of life you want to live while on your wedding adventure, you can find them here. 

Reasons to elope in Lofoten - the view Lofoten provides when the Northern Lights are shining
There’s nothing like the view Lofoten provides – especially when the Northern Lights are shining. (Photo Credit: Johny Goerend, Unsplash)

7. Simple But Elegant 

There is a simple, rustic, yet somehow elegant beauty to Lofoten. The villages look as if the modern world hasn’t touched them from the outside, yet on the inside offer all the creature comforts in life you could hope for. It allows you to tuck away into oblivion, or spend your days meandering random towns. 

8. There’s Something For Everyone 

When it comes to family, it’s hard to make everyone happy. In Lofoten, there’s something for everyone. Great food, welcoming residents, a small but thriving art scene (head to Henningsvær to find it), tons of outdoor activities and beaches to lounge on. No matter what side of the family is coming – and no matter how that one aunt is to please – Lofoten will achieve it. 

9. Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Symbolic Ceremonies

One of my personal favorite parts about eloping in Lofoten is how easy they try to make it for you, if you’re looking to have a symbolic ceremony without all the fuss and muss. In fact, in Lofoten, as long as the spot you choose isn’t private – you can get married literally anywhere you want. You don’t even need witnesses. Just you, your partner, your love and an officiant to say the magic words. 

10. I Can Expertly Guide You

This might be a bit of a selfish reason, but one of the things that brings me joy is being able to introduce two people in love to the place they’ll be wed. I love all the adventures I get to be a part of, but it means a little bit more when it’s a place that is special to my heart. Lofoten is one of those places. 

This is why I look forward to sitting down with you and talking more about the next phase in your elopement journey – the planning! Make sure to reach out to me through my website so we can get that scheduled ASAP!

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