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The Sky’s The Limit: How To Plan A Norwegian Elopement At Loen Skylift

August 30, 2022


There are few words more appropriate to describe Norway. From sunrise to eternal sunsets in the summer, from mountain ranges to Northern lights in the winter, Norway has it all. It’s a country full of wonder and magic, and inspires a sense of awe in anyone who sets foot on its soil. 

With so much beauty at your disposal, and so many amazing places to choose from, even the process of planning a Norwegian elopement is an adventure, let alone the wedding itself. Mapping out the best places to capture the true emotion of this momentous occasion, finding the right angles, the right lighting, the right time…

Each time I get the chance to assist with an adventurous wedding in Norway, it gives me the chance to rediscover each place with new eyes. Which is why I’m excited to spend a little time taking a look at one of the adventures nearest and dearest to my heart: a Norwegian Elopement at Loen Skylift!

loen skylift restaurant
Image by Isabel Noschka on Unsplash: The Loen Skylift offers a bird’s eye view of the world as you look over the stunning vistas of Mt. Hoven.

A Cable Car To The Skies

The Loen Skylift, located in the inner part of Nordfjord, is one of the steepest cable cars in the world – but it’s so much more than that. The area itself is an adventure waiting to happen, with mountains to explore, zip lines to ride, and a new perspective on the world to sit back and enjoy. 

For an elopement photographer Loen is a dream location. It combines so many natural wonders, scenic views, and grand adventures into one place that there is no shortage of options when it comes to creating the perfect elopement setting. 

It’s here that I should pause and be honest with you. I’m so deeply in love with my country that any place you choose would be a dream setting! Norway is without question one of the most beautiful places in the world. We have towns that look like they’re floating on a sea of mirrored glass (Aestund), we have the largest land glacier on Earth (Briksdalbreen) nestled in our national parks, there are polar bears running wild… 

It’s one of my greatest joys to be able to take part in helping my couples discover all the wonders Norway has to offer – which should let you know just how special Loen Skylift truly is. It’s amazing what kind of magic is created when you first set foot onto that cable car and begin your ascent, the glass carriage climbing steadily upwards to take you to your own slice of heaven over 3,300 feet above the ground. 

Once there, you can catch panoramic views while you dine at Hoven restaurant, before taking on one of the many trails that extend throughout the area. There’s no shortage of gorgeous scenery, making pretty much anywhere an amazing place to exchange vows. In one picture you can have a national park, a picture-perfect sunset, and a snow-capped mountain range as your background without so much as 30 steps in any direction. 

I could go on and on about the myriad of options that Loen Skylift photography provides. Instead, let’s take a moment to talk about the other things you’ll need while enjoying your adventurous wedding in Norway. 

lake views in loen norway
Image by Bjarne Postma on Unsplash: Even a world-class artist couldn’t capture the full beauty of the views found in Loen, Norway. 

What Goes Up Must Come Down 

While Loen literally makes the sky the limit, eventually we’ll have to come back down to earth. After a day full of adventure, you and your beloved will need a place to lay your head at night – to find comfort and rest, and enjoy each other to the fullest. 

There are plenty of places to stay in the area, but much like the Loen Skylift, there is one special place that has always stood out – one of my all-time favorite hotels in Norway. The Alexandra Hotel, located in the inner crevices of the Nordfjord, is a paradise awaiting you. They offer eight different styles of rooms to choose from, with everything from a cozy standard to a multi-roomed suite – but the rooms aren’t where the luxury offerings stop. 

From the onsite spa with a menu full of services, to the outdoor pool and indoor bath, this is a place where relaxation is the main theme. You’re able to breathe and connect to the experience in a way you wouldn’t be able to without the kind of amazing accommodations the Alexandra provides. 

It’s not always the easiest thing, to feel like you can just sit back and enjoy your elopement. No matter how simple you try to make it, there will always be some sort of anxiety or last-minute worry. When you’re so busy trying your hardest to make everything perfect, you don’t always get the chance to build a connection to the moment you’re in – to take time, and breathe, and truly enjoy the space you’re in. 

That’s what I’m here for. To carve a path that allows you to start your journey together, enjoying each step along the way. We’ll take the time to map out each piece together – from choosing the right season for your Norway elopement at Loen Skylift, to finding the right time to capture that perfect golden light in your photographs, to conquering the hikes we know will give us that once-in-a-lifetime background shot. 

Nothing I write here will fully capture the majesty of Norway. It’s something you truly have to see, feel, hear, and experience for yourself. Which is where I come in. I’ll be your tour guide on all things Norway (and all things elopement in Norway, of course!). Reach out to me through my website, and we can begin planning today.

“One of the things that drew me to Endre’s photography was the genuine emotion he captured in his pictures. Endre can see and capture all of the love and joy in a candid moment, and knows how to bring that out in a brief pose. He helped my husband and I feel completely relaxed and comfortable to be ourselves, and the pictures he took are nothing short of amazing. Everyone who has seen our pictures has said that they are breathtaking, and they absolutely are. It’s all because of Endre, who is incredibly talented, empathetic, fun, and brilliant! I’ve often worried about pictures because I’m not exactly photogenic…but there was no reason to worry with Endre. I have never looked so lovely as I have in his pictures! Most importantly, he captured the beauty of an everyday moment with the person I love. I would recommend Endre to everyone who wants to capture breathtaking portraits of themselves and their loved ones, not only on their wedding day but everyday. Endre, you are amazing!”

– Kyla & Brandon

Featured image by Maarten Verstraete on Unsplash

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