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Norwegian Fjord Elopements: What To Expect

June 15, 2022

If you’re getting married in Norway, there’s one thing you should know: it’s best to expect the unexpected! The Norwegian fjords are a place of wonder, magic, and beauty, but every day is different than the last – which is one of the reasons why I love them.

If you and your partner are planning an elopement in the country, you might be thinking to yourself: what can I expect at a Norwegian wedding? Or what do I need to know when planning our adventure?

Not to worry, as I’m here to help! I live and breathe everything Norway and love showing couples around my amazing part of the world, so here’s what to expect from Norwegian Fjord elopements. 

Norwegian fjord elopements bring plenty of Instagram-friendly photo opportunities 

With my fjord adventure elopement packages, you’ll see some of the most picturesque parts of the country, packed full of Instagram-friendly locations! 

I know Norway well and can cater our destinations to suit your interests, but I particularly love the beauty and magic of Sognefjord elopements. Sognefjord is Norway’s longest and deepest fjord, offering perfect mountains, trails, waterfront views, and scenic locations where we can take unique and memorable wedding photos. 

As we pass beautiful historic villages, I’d also love to tell you about fascinating Norwegian wedding traditions that you might enjoy. 

The constantly changing Norwegian weather means every day brings new beauty 

In Norway, each day will bring something new! Days are never the same and over the course of your trip, you’ll get to experience the changing Norwegian weather in all of its beauty. 

So if the weather is unpredictable, how do you know what to pack for a Norwegian adventure elopement? The key is layers so that you can adjust as the day warms or cools, along with waterproof outer layers – ensuring you’re prepared for anything! 

Even in the summer months, we can still have rain and chilly evenings, so warm clothes are essential, no matter what time of year you’re visiting. In winter, yes, it will be cold and snowy, but it can still be a magical time to visit and take elopement photos

You’ll find cozy, romantic small towns that you just never want to leave 

Norway has plenty of cozy small towns, like Balestrand, Solvorn, and Luster. With charm, beauty, and hospitality, you’ll love everything about our charming towns, from their cobblestoned streets to their picturesque harbors. 

The food is unbelievable 

Delicious cuisine is one of my favorite Scandinavian wedding traditions! We love celebrating, feasting, and toasting a beautiful marriage with amazing food. 

As you travel around Norway, you’ll love sampling great produce and food from local producers. Juice from local apple farms is refreshing and sweet, especially on a warm afternoon, but I can also help you discover lots of famous Norwegian dishes like smoked seafood, meatballs, and desserts such as sweet tarts, cookies, or cinnamon buns. 

Adventurous couples will never want to leave 

If you’re wondering how to plan a Norwegian elopement, one of my top tips is to plan it around your interests. For couples who love the outdoors, hiking, and exploring, Norway is one of the best destinations.

The hikes and trails in Norway are some of the best in the world – epic cliffs, mountains, and fjords await just beyond every corner. Even better, with so many trails you’ll find lots of places to take photos, enjoy a few minutes of solitude, or even steal a kiss or two!

Some of Norway’s most famous hiking trails include Besseggen Ridge, Trolltunga, and Reinebringen, but there are hikes to suit all levels of fitness. 

Hotels in Norway offer some of the world’s best hospitality 

When visiting Norway, please note that we take hospitality very seriously! We love welcoming guests, especially those who have traveled so far to visit our shores, so rest assured that your hotels and guesthouses will treat you with genuine, welcoming hospitality. 

Norway offers lots of great guest experiences, such as the Kvikne Hotel in Balestrand, with historic charm, fjord views, and a most impressive wine cellar. From sweet and small family-owned B&Bs to five-star luxury, I can help you find the perfect accommodation for your Norwegian elopement. 

Norwegian sunsets – you’ll remember them forever 

Due to our northern location and high mountains, sunsets in Norway are unlike anywhere else in the world. After seeing one of our famous sunsets from a mountaintop, you may never want to leave!

Sunsets are always so romantic, and we can also use the beautiful golden light they create to take elopement photos that you’ll love. 

If you love sunsets and the outdoors, I recommend going up to Turtagrø at Sognefjellet and staying one night at a local hotel, giving you ample opportunity to go hiking up in the mountains.

The roads and scenery are steep and narrow, making for seriously memorable journeys 

On a Norwegian elopement, it’s definitely about the journey, not just the destination! Here in Norway, we have narrow roads, steep mountains, and lots of hairpin turns, so driving here might be a little different than what you’re used to at home.

Of course, these tiny country roads lead to majestic waterfalls, epic views, and incredible cafes and restaurants, so having a car in Norway is the best way to explore the country. As long as you have a detailed map or a GPS, you’ll be able to navigate easily – but if you get lost, a friendly local is always able to give you directions, as virtually everyone in Norway is fluent in English. 

The winding roads mean travel between two destinations might take longer than you’d expect, but we enjoy the slower pace of life here. Give yourself plenty of time to take in the views and enjoy each other’s company! 

I hope this guide helps you learn more about what to expect from a Norwegian elopement. If you have any questions about how to elope in Norway, Nordic wedding traditions, or your elopement photography, I would be so happy to help you.

Your Norwegian elopement will be romantic, beautiful, and completely unique – I can’t wait to meet you and help you start planning your wonderful Scandinavian wedding. 

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