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Cruise The Scenery: Laid-Back Lofoten Elopement Itinerary

November 8, 2022

There has been quite a trend lately on adventure. Adventure cruises. Adventure vacations. Adventure elopements. Sometimes though, there’s nothing better than a good loaf that allows you to breathe, refresh and bask in your surroundings. This is why today, I wanted to buck the trend and look towards the opposite end of the spectrum – a laid-back Lofoten elopement itinerary. 

Lofoten is a place that definitely has no shortage of adventure. Majestic heights, sweeping vistas and expert-level hiking, to name a few. I want to look at the other things Lofoten offers though. The places to take a long, leisurely drive; the places to find a sense of peace after all that elopement planning. 

Beaches and boat tours, hot springs and luxury suites – all the great little hideaways that help us plan a laid-back Lofoten elopement itinerary. Things like the best time to visit Lofoten Islands, the magic of the midnight sun, the winter versus the summer, the best views in Lofoten and so much more. There is one thing to consider though before we get into all that. 

Weather And Polar Night

One of the more unique things there is to think about is the Lofoten Islands’ midnight sun. Also known as polar night, a time of complete darkness that takes place between early December and early January. This means a winter elopement in Lofoten, Norway has to be planned out just right. Here’s a helpful Lofoten winter sunrise/sunset guide: 

  • Jan 1: No sunrise / no sunset
  • Jan 15-31: 10:45am / 1:45pm
  • Feb 1-14: 9:27am / 3:12 pm
  • Feb 15-28: 8:27am / 4:14pm
  • Mar 1-14: 7:24am / 5:13pm
  • Mar 15: 6:25am / 6:06pm

Once polar night ends, sunlight becomes limited to anywhere from three to twelve hours a day until Spring truly begins in late March. This brings us to the weather in Lofoten overall. Winter brings plenty of rain, snow and cold weather – nothing too surprising. The Spring, Summer and Autumn never get terribly warm, though there is a decent amount of humidity that helps it feel a bit balmier than you’d imagine for a place that has ‘polar’ night. 

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s move on to the fun stuff! This list easily turns into a 3-5 day excursion filled with sightseeing, spa treatments, wildlife and so much more. Let’s get started. 

Easy Elopement Itinerary: Lofoten Islands

There are plenty of hidden gems Lofoten has to offer, so I won’t be able to get into all of them. Instead, I will try to touch on the Lofoten highlights. Some of the best places to see in Lofoten, the best foods to experience, and the best ways to enjoy that laid-back elopement lifestyle for as long as you can. 

Tons Of Tours To Try

Because there’s so much to do and see in Lofoten, taking a tour is one of the best ways to accomplish a laid-back approach to seeing it all. Rather than worrying about having to rent a vehicle, map the terrain and understand the weather patterns – you just jump in, sit back and relax as you look at the wonders of the islands. 

Depending on your mood, there’s plenty to choose from, but my personal favorites are the Northern Lights. A bus tour takes you through the places to best spot the infamous Aurora and the Silent Trollfjord Cruise, which is exactly what it sounds like! Alternatively, a boat tour takes you through the majesty of the Trollfjord, but with the added bonus of the entire tour taking place in silence in order to truly take it all in. It’s a unique way to take in some of the sights without the stress of having to do it without a guide. 

There are also tons of wildlife tours that allow you to see everything from whales and dolphins in the summer, to moose and oxen in the winter. 

The Road Less Traveled: The Norwegian Scenic Route: Lofoten

While trying to cram so many things into so little time can be stressful (hence letting a tour guide help you along the way), if you take a whole day to do a scenic cruise along the coast, it’s an entirely different vibe. 

Those vibes are what make the Norwegian Scenic Route of Lofoten so exciting. It’s a 230km/143m drive that takes you on some amazing stops along the way, each one offering a beautiful view of a different part of the coast. The Reinehalsen stop is one of Norway’s most photographed spots, and the Eggum rest stop has a random sculpture of a floating head that’s almost impossible to ignore. 

The route allows you to traverse some of Lofoten’s fishing villages, pristine beaches and the island’s historic landmarks, all at your own pace. In fact, I’m sure you could plan an entire multi-day elopement with nothing else but this route as your plan.

Saunas, Spas, And Five Stars, Oh My!

There are quite a few amazing accommodations on the islands, but when it comes to aiming for the laid-back, I looked for some of the best places to get your lounge on. 

Lofoten Sauna 

The Lofoten Saunas provide an incredible floating fjord sauna that allows you to sweat out all the toxins, relax your body and stare off into the peaceful beyond of the fjords that surround you. 

The sauna sits right along the Svolvær harbor and you can book it for a single person, a couple or an event of up to 20 people. It gives you a chance to completely embrace the surroundings and bask in the moments before the big day. 

Lofoten Spa

While Lofoten Sauna gives you the chance to sit and take in the view of the Fjords, the Lofoten Spa gives you the chance to take in the view of the stars, as you sit in your outdoor hot tub with a glass of champagne and take in the wonders of Lofoten nature. They also provide sauna spaces and have an on-site restaurant where you can grab a leisurely dinner before star gazing. It’s a truly peaceful and beautiful place. 

We did it! We’ve traversed the variety of places and spaces for your laid-back Lofoten elopement itinerary. Now we just have to hammer out the details – which is where I come in. Reach out to me through my website, and we can take the next steps to make your Lofoten elopement dreams a reality!

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