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Winter Elopement in Lofoten

January 3, 2022

Elopementphotographer Ada

Today iam showcasing amazing images taken by Ada, a wedding- and elopementphotographer located in Bergen, Norway.  The story today takes place in Lofoten.

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Winter Elopement in Lofoten

As for a dream wedding, each of us imagines it completely differently. Some dream of vast green fields and guests dancing under the stars until the dawn, some dream of warm sand under their feet on a hidden beach in the Mediterranean. But there are also those whose dreams take them to white, remote winter landscapes, to the land of ice, wind, and the untamed sea.

The moment Silje and Anders told me their love story and about their wedding idea, I knew it is going to be a very special celebration. Coming from Lofoten and Valdres, currently residing in Tromsø– the northern capital of Norway, the choice of Lofoten Islands as their wedding destination seemed to be an ideal fit for the couple. What is more, they decided to get married in the elopement style- without any guests or reception, spending their day outside in nature, in the most spectacular parts of the Lofoten archipelago.

The mere definition of an elopement– an act of running off secretly, as to be married, evokes images of romance and adventure. Even though Silje and Anders’ elopement was no secret, it was by far one of the most romantic, magical, intimate, and adventurous weddings I had the pleasure to photograph. With temperatures just below zero, with ice, snow, and wind that hits and rises the sea into the tempest, it was a constant fight for finding the balance between keeping myself steady, directing the newlyweds, and shooting an image. Yet I loved every second of it, the smile would not leave my face even for a moment!

As the winter days in the north of Norway are short, we decided to use all hours of daylight we had- towards the end of February, the sun rises at 8 am, and sets already at 4 pm. Our day started early, in Kabelvåg, where the couple was getting ready for their wedding day. Lofoten Apartments offers spacious, minimalistic accommodations, with big windows, terrasse, and lovely mountain and sea view, which makes it a perfect location for wedding preparations and the First Look.


The wedding ceremony took place in Lofotkatedralen, known also as Vågan Church. It is the largest church and one of the largest wooden buildings in northern Norway. Seeing Silje walking down the aisle of this big, beautiful church, evoked in me the image of the grand Lofoten landscape, its vastness and scale. After the sacramental yes, we newlyweds celebrated with opening confetti right outside the church. Yes! Finally we are married!


Island of Skrova

After taking some quick couple photos next to the church, we arrived at Kabelvåg port where we were picked up by Henning, the captain of locally known Skreien Havfiske. He packed us on his fishing boat and off we go, towards the adventure! After 45 min of a bumpy boat ride on Vestfjorden, we reached the port of Skrova. In order to reach a small beach that was on the other side of the island, we had to take a RIB boat further. This boat ride was an adventure in itself! As the light RIB boat was jumping on the sea waves, splashing the water all over us, we were screaming out of excitement and joy.

Finally we arrived at our second location. As the island of Skrova holds a very special place in the couple’s hearts, we decided to spend some extra time here, taking photos on Remøya, with a view toward the dramatic peaks of Litlmolla. What a stunning location that was!

Because the days are so short in Lofoten this time of the year, we decided to take some extra photos the following day. This time we drove to Unstad, Lofotens surfing paradise. The majestic wave-battered coastline and rugged wild mountains rising straight out of the sea took our breaths away, and served as a perfect background for photos. We ended our winter elopement adventure with a bottle of Champagne under the traditional fish drying stands. A perfect ending to this winter adventure!

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