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We have news for you. There are no rules!

August 25, 2021

Do you want elopement style wedding pictures with the traditional wedding?

I got news for you, there are NO rules.

… and Norway is a great country for just that. Almost everywhere we turn we have beautiful mountains, fjords, forests, lakes, nature’s artwork gracing us with her wonders at every turn. Nature is my canvas and you are my inspiration, and this is something I take with me to every shoot.
Nora and Johannes was married in Skåre kulturkirke by Johannes dad. It was an emotional event.
When the dad asked what the most important value of their marriage is, they answered; fun. They wanted a life of fun together, to laugh, share happy memories with light hearts. And isn’t it truer, that the correlation of fun and marital happiness is high, and significant?

One of Karmøy’s most beautiful spots

So, we went to the beach. We did a 45 min drive to a location where they could feel most like themselves. Sandvesanden lies north for Skudeneshavn and is one of Karmøy’s most beautiful spots. And it was time to play…!



The feeling of sand beneath our feet

Among beautiful rock formations, the feeling of sand beneath our feet, the sounds of waves, we all took a breath and felt at home. 

You know what else helps you feel at home? Music. Music that speaks to your soul. Thats why I sometimes ask my couples to make a playlist for the day. I bring my speaker, and voila. Suddenly we all felt so much more relaxed. 

Top tips

Always bring something to sit on, a blanket will do greatly, and this also means more variety for the photos. After a lovely time at the beach we packed up, headed to the car and drove to Skudeneshavn. But before the wedding party we took a stroll in familiar parts. There is a wonderful atmosphere in Skudeneshavn. The idyllic wooden houses are homes to narrow streets, alleyways and wonderful gardens situated by the sea. We took a walk through memory lane. And this is also one of the best ways to get natural photos. Everyone was waiting patiently outside the venue for Nora and Johannes. And the mood was light and happy. We arrived at Skudeneshavn Mekaniske Verksted after a wonderful day of adventure. Ready for tapas and an amazing time with their closest family and friends. 

I am here to tell you, that whether you want an intimate wedding on top of a mountain with just you and your loved one, or you want a huge event with a moment of pause just for you in the middle of the day. I got your back. You can have it all. The power is in your hands. Make it a day to remember.

Photographer Thea Brønlund



Wedding dress: Second hand

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