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August 5, 2021



If you’re recently engaged and looking for an intimate, adventurous and unforgettable way to do it – Eloping in the west of Norway is a breathtaking journey for you and your love to start your new chapter.

This is exactly what Ingelin & Håvard did, in a small village named Balestrand in the Summer of 2021. Beginning with a ceremony on a quiet and beautiful sailboat on the Sognefjord, I loved capturing every moment of their new beginning. The ceremony was intimate, with only their parents and their one year old son attending this beautiful moment. Well and the boat captain too – he was actually a friend!! Documenting each moment with smiles on their faces, laughter and every tiny moment was of the utmost importance for me so that they could share with all their family and friends later on!
The two then had a special and romantic dinner at Ciderhuset, a quiet venue overlooking the water.

Finally, we ended with a true adventure! The two packed up the dress and suit and we went for a 2 hour hike up to the Tjugatoten mountain for a beautiful sunset ending to capture this once in lifetime day! The adventurous spirit of the couple and the scenery going up the mountain into the sunset is something that will forever hold a special place in my heart. We even ran into some sheep! During this time of year you have the special privilege to enjoy the sunset happening as late as midnight! When the moon finally came up we ended the night with some moon photos for an extra touch of romance and connection to nature. I am so honored to share these photos with you for inspiration for your day!

How can you plan your day to have this beautiful sense of adventure and natural beauty? This HOW TO GUIDE will help you with steps you need along the way.


Do Your Research

The very first step to planning a stress-free destination elopement is to do your research. Make sure you’re aware of the details that go into planning a remote wedding, so there are no surprises along the way.Choosing the perfect photographer to capture it all (and to help you too!) A little about me – my name is Endre Hilleren and I’m so happy to have grown up in such a naturally lush and beautiful country like Norway. I grew up in Sogndal (between the mountains, by the fjord). I’m so familiar with the west of Norway and I’m here to help you with planning, suggestions and tips along the way. I love to explore and be adventurous and I love getting to know new people and make lifelong connections. I’ve been honored to shoot elopements all over Norway and even near Yosemite – so my purpose in how I work is absolutely as an intentional, adventurous elopement photographer here for you.

Know the Laws

There are two different types of ceremonies you can have for your destination elopements. The first one is a legal ceremony, where you’ll receive a marriage certificate at the destination you’re married in. This type of ceremony is legally recognized but it may take several months before you receive the paperwork to make it legal in your home country.

A symbolic ceremony has no legal binding and is performed just like a legal ceremony, so your guests will never know the difference. Many couples take care of all the legal paperwork in their home country before travelling and choose to have their symbolic ceremony at their elopement location in Norway.


Here’s some of my top suggestions on locations inspired by this elopement:
– Out on a sailboat at the fjord ( Just look at these photos!)
– Tjugatoten (mountaintop), 1100 meter above the ocean. You will hike for about 2 hours – for the adventurous at heart!
– By the fjord. it is hard to choose a bad location by the fjord!!
– The english church in Balestrand: Fun Fact: This was also made famous by Disney’s Frozen!
– Walking the streets in the village (Balestrand).


What made Ingelin & Håvard’s day captured so authentically was the way they made every moment about what they love. From the sailboat to the hike for the sunset in the mountain, they made each moment intentional and aligning with their heart.
If you’re in the process of planning your elopement and are considering Norway, allow me to dedicate myself to helping you in your journey. I’m here to listen to everything you’re imagining and since I’m familiar with west Norway I will have no issues with traveling to get to you. Let’s document your day in a way you’ll love for so many generations to come.


Here’s a few of my top recommendations on cozy and unforgettable places to stay in Balestrand!


Kviknes hotel


Apartments in Balestrand


Check out the all slideshow gallery from my day with Ingelin & Håvard and find more inspiration for you and your love. Contact me today to start planning YOUR wedding or elopement in western Norway!



When planning your elopement in Norway, you must consider the weather. The months of June, July and August are preferred by most travelers, as these are the months where you can experience the long summer days, mild temperatures and the midnight sun. May and September are the months where tourism is lower (and prices are generally cheaper) but temperatures are still fairly mild. This can be the perfect time for going on once inn a lifetime hikes and adventurous climbs for views that will literally take your breath away.

Winter in Norway can be cold, especially up in the arctic regions of the north. But if you are looking for a cozy winter elopement with skiing, snowshoeing or dog sledding, winter in Norway could be the perfect choice!  Winter days are short and cold, but from September until April there is chance of seeing the incredible northern lights, with peak aurora season from December to February.

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