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4-Day Sognefjord Elopement + Honeymoon Itinerary

February 10, 2023

There are so many reasons to love Sognefjord. As you may have seen in my other blog post, I have a deep fondness for all things Sognefjord – so much so that I’ve put together a Sognefjord elopement itinerary and honeymoon itinerary, to help you plan a trip around your special day! 

There is so much beauty that surrounds the area, both natural and cultural, with a deep history that is steeped in Viking lore. Sognefjord is a place full of adventure, and those adventures come in all forms – from waterfalls, fjords and outdoor hikes, to boutique hotels and spas, fishing villages full of delicious food, and art villages full of exhibits and displays to peruse.

Today we’re going to take a look at all things Sognefjord – what makes it an ideal place to plan a trip around your elopement, or for your dream honeymoon destination! That’s my favorite part about this guide – I’m tailoring it so whether you’re planning your elopement or your honeymoon, you’ll find this itinerary to be interchangeable between the two. 

We’ll take a look at Sognefjord elopement ideas that could also work as Sognefjord honeymoon ideas. I’ve designed this particular itinerary for a four-day trip, but if more or less feels like it would fit you better, we can add or subtract as needed. 

The Ideal 4-Day Sognefjord Elopement Itinerary / Sognefjord Honeymoon Itinerary

Day 1: Relaxation!

When it comes to planning that perfect four-day getaway, an important piece of the puzzle is finding the right place to rest your head. I like to advise the couples I work with that the first day you land, no matter what time, is truly meant for relaxation. Give yourself time to acclimate to new scenery, a new time zone and to breathe for a moment together before truly embarking on the adventure. 

For A Bit Of Luxury

There are tons of options to choose from, but one of my own top tier choices is the Kviknes Hotel in Balestrand. It is an amazing hotel built in the 18th century that has the option of staying in the modern wing or the historic wing of the building – and either way you can’t go wrong! The hotel is located right by the water, with a short walk to the beach and there are plenty of cafes and shops nearby. 

For A More Rustic & Cozy Vibe

I’m a big fan of Vangsgaarden Gjestgiveri in the Aurland area of the Sognefjord. It’s an adorable village that sees far less tourist traffic than nearby Flam, but it has the benefit of being located near the local port and ferry line. You can choose between staying in the hotel or renting a small cabin, both of which were built in the 1700s, and are surrounded by amazing views and plenty of outdoors to explore. 

Day 2: Fjords, Fjords, Fjords!

With the place to call home for your stay out of the way, let’s talk about another of the many reasons for elopement/honeymooning in Sognefjord – you get to elope in Norway’s best fjords! There is no amount of words to describe the beauty of Norway’s fjords, but the most accurate depiction I can give you is that it’s absolutely like stepping into a whole other world. The further you explore, the more you see the true miracle of nature in a way that feels nearly untouched by human hands. 

As a Sognefjord elopement photographer, one of my toughest jobs is trying to pick the best shots out of the bunch, because with Norway as your backdrop, there are no bad angles. Even if you’re not an outdoor aficionado and hiking isn’t high on your to-do list, there are so many ways to take in the beauty of the area. Bike tours. Ferry rides. Boat cruises. Any or all of them are magnificent ways to make sure you get the chance to see everything awesome that surrounds you in Sognefjord – and of course the added bonus means our Sognefjord elopement photography is going to have a wide variety of stunning images to choose from. 

Day 3: Explore The Food Scene

Now, we’ve spent time relaxing, we’ve spent a day connecting ourselves to the magnificence of the outdoors, what’s next? That, of course, will depend on your own taste. As your Sognefjord elopement planner I want you to feel like you’re making the most out of the time you spend in Sognefjord, eloping, honeymooning or a combination of the two. 

With that said, I think there is nothing more enjoyable than taking the time to explore the food that Sognefjord has to offer! You’ve never had more delicious, fresh seafood at your disposal. With smatterings of fishing villages spread along the region, and restaurants and cafes run by people who have been there for generations, you get the experience of taking part in cuisine that has been passed down ancestrally through the hands of the people of Norway. It’s a one of a kind experience, one that feels as if you’ve traveled back to a simpler time. 

Honestly, that’s the true magic of the Sogenfjord, and Norway in general. Somehow, it has managed to encapsulate itself in this wonderous bubble as a place that has constantly changed, yet in the most pleasant ways, has remained the same. 

And who else can say that they time-traveled during their elopement?! 

Day 4: Wildcard!

The final day I like to leave up to chance. After 72 hours of adventuring and exploring, you may be in the mood to spend the entire day in a Nordic spa with a view looking out onto a glacier. You may want to climb Europe’s tallest waterfall! Luckily both of those are options. In fact, there are a few tricks up my sleeve in terms of hidden gems that I haven’t revealed …

I’m looking forward to sharing those gems with you. Reach out to me so we can get started on planning your Sognefjord elopement itinerary and honeymoon adventure!

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