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Elopement in Maridalen, Oslo

February 6, 2023

Elopementphotographer Victoria Joy

Today iam showcasing amazing images taken by Victoria Joy, a wedding- and elopementphotographer located in Oslo, Norway.  The story today takes place in Maridalen, Oslo.

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Elopement in Maridalen, Oslo

Eloping in Norway doesn’t necessarily have to involve travelling far and wide across the country. We all agree that there’s no doubt that it’s a magical experience hiking up a mountain in Lofoten or getting married at the foot of a majestic fjord, but for those who want to remain close to the big city and still be able to escape quickly into the green, Oslo is the place for you, my friend. Here you can find beautiful, picturesque landscapes just a stone’s throw from the capital while enjoying all the exciting urban experiences that Oslo has to offer.

Old church ruins in Maridalen, an epic location!

On the day of our elopement adventure, Emilie & Fabian picked me up in the city center in his dad’s Jaguar. Now, I’m usually not all about sports cars but cramped in the back seat of that Jaguar made me as excited as a little kid in a candy shop. Well prepared with blankets and winter jackets stuffed between camera equipment and Emilie’s bridal bouquet, we drove off to the outskirts of Oslo, less than half an hour drive from the city, and stopped by the old church ruins in Maridalen.

Once we arrived at the location, the sun was almost about to set and it quickly painted the church ruins in a tender gold, creating a beautiful, soft backdrop for our photos. Many couples express that they’re a little nervous for being in front of the camera, and Emilie & Fabian were no exception. But after I made them silly dance in the field to forget about the cold, they soon forgot about me too, and only had eyes for each other.

We ended the elopement adventure just like we started it: in the Jaguar of Fabian’s dad. Cruising along the empty road, feeling the wind catch our hair and humming to their favorite song felt like straight out of a movie.

Love is the greatest movie of all, isn’t it?

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