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Stunning Fjords, Timeless Imagery: Why You Should Elope in Sognefjord, Norway

January 14, 2023

If you’ve had the opportunity to read any of my previous blogs before this, then you’re very aware I have a love of Norway. It is as deep and wide as the fjords that inhabit this magical place. When it comes to an ideal place for an adventure elopement, Norway is always at the top of my list — with tons of reasons to elope in Sognefjord, Norway in particular! 

One of the biggest challenges couples have to face when it comes to planning out their adventure — at least when it comes to a Norway adventure — is choosing which beautiful, out-of-this-world spot to choose from. This is why I am here to make the case for a specific kind of elopement adventure. A fjord elopement! 

A fjord is a magical place that looks like it must have been carved by the hands of giants, directly into the land itself. Walls of stone, luscious treescapes, and crystalline waters rushing between, it’s practically idyllic — but when it comes to fjords, there are none so well known, and so looming, as the Sognefjord, also known as the King of the Fjords. 

Why You Should Choose A Sognefjord Norway Elopement

Choosing to elope in Sognefjord, Norway is an easy choice if you’ve seen the place — but if you haven’t, I’m hoping to paint a picture that will leave you running to book your tickets. Let’s take a little bit of a deep dive into all the reasons to choose a Sognefjord, Norway elopement. 

Stunning Landscapes, Relaxed Vibes

Sognefjord is a dreamscape of a setting — so much so that the landscape itself has landed it on the World Heritage List, a designation provided by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as being a site of great significance to the world. 

Stretching a little over 200km (124 miles) inland from the Bergen coast, the Sognefjord area of Norway is nothing short of majestic when it comes to the views that you can take in. Honestly, I think the beauty of the place subtly influences everyone in the area to slow down and enjoy life. To take their time and take in the things that are around them. 

There’s a deep appreciation for the space embedded in the energy of the people, and the surroundings. Which seems to somehow translate not only to the magic of your big day — but the beauty of the photographs which we can capture. Understandably, as a Sognefjord elopement photographer, that’s always a bonus to me because it means that we can tell your story in a way that truly captures the joy of the moments! 

Fjord Elopements Are Adventure Elopements!

Sognefjord truly has so much to offer. There is some form of adventure — large or small — at every turn! A great place to start, especially when it comes to an ideal place for fjord elopement photography, is a sunrise hike in the Utladalen Valley. This beautiful area is covered with flora, foliage and fauna as far as the eye can see — it’s practically a utopia. It feels pure, as if it’s never been touched by human hands. Plus, the added bonus of the Utladalen Valley is that it is home to Vettisfossen, Europe’s tallest free-falling waterfall. Imagine, the bursting colors of the sunrise (or sunset, if that’s more your mood) painting the sky and one of the largest waterfalls as your background! It’s almost otherworldly. 

Speaking of things that look like they are from another world, we can also join a guided hike on a glacier. Yes, a glacier! Norway is flush with glaciers, including Jostedalsbreen which is the largest glacier on the European continent. We’d have to bundle up for sure, depending on the time of year, but I assure you it’s worth it. 

Explore At Your Own Pace

Let’s be honest though, climbing frozen tundras and traversing massive waterfalls might feel like a little too much adventure for an elopement. No worries! If you’d rather spend time in water that requires far less of a climb to achieve, may I suggest a jaunt on a Norwegian safari traversing the waters of the fjords aboard an electric tour boat — or on your own in a kayak built for two. Not only will you get to take in the true majesty that surrounds you, but it will allow you to explore all the varied towns along the stretch. 

The towns all have their own version of charm and offer a variety of amenities and attractions that are perfect for an adventurous elopement without having to climb a mountain or kayak through a fjord (though I think we should do it all, but that’s just me!)

You can wander the streets and explore the small fjord villages that line the water. These villages truly look like they belong on the set of a movie, as if they were designed in the mind of Tolkien himself. Yet hidden among these quaint villages are places full of miniature adventures; like Balestrand, the art village that pays homage to writers, painters and artisans throughout the generations, or Fjærland, the village that has free little libraries scattered around the village for people to take and give as they please. 

A Whole Other Kind Of Food Experience

Plus, no matter what village we stop in, you are absolutely guaranteed to find some of the most amazing seafood to nosh as you go. Caught fresh from the very village that serves it, and more than likely plucked from the salty seas a mere hours before it ends up on your plate, it’s a whole other kind of food experience. 

I’ve always found that food is one of the most palatable, pardon the pun, parts of the elopement adventures. Food is an ancestral language of love that has spread across eons, and you can taste the love in food caught, prepared, and cooked by the hands of the people who live in the village. It allows you to immerse yourself in the heritage of the region in a way outside of your eyes and ears. 

As you may have noticed, I could write novels worth of reasons as to why Norway, and Sognefjord specifically, is an ideal place for an elopement. There’s something for everyone, whether you want an outdoor adventure, or you want to spend your day surrounded by art, books and with bellies full of food. Despite all that I’ve written, I’ve barely scratched the surface of what Sognefjord has to offer. I’d love to sit down with you and talk more in-depth about how to make your elopement perfect.
Reach out to me today to schedule some time to sit down together, and begin making the Sognefjord itinerary together!

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