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Here you’ll find a collection of past adventures, along with some handy tips and tricks for your own Norway fjord elopement. 

If you’re planning to elope in Norway, I hope this page will be a useful guide. And if you have any further questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

If you and your partner are planning an elopement in Norway, you might be thinking to yourself: what can I expect at a Norwegian wedding? Or what do I need to know when planning our adventure?

Norwegian Fjord Elopements: What To Expect

It’s true – there is nowhere in the world more majestic (and romantic) than Norway! With breathtaking fjords, dramatic mountains, and an adventurous, welcoming spirit, Norway is becoming more and more popular for elopements.  There is something for every couple here. Whether you want to stroll through the colorful Hanseatic Wharf of Bergen or get […]

How To Elope In Norway: My 101 Guide

Eloping is a wonderful adventure, so it makes perfect sense to elope in one of the world’s most adventurous countries: Norway! From breathtaking fjords to dramatic mountain peaks, adventure and fun await around every corner of your Norwegian elopement.  Whether you want to hike ice-covered hills, watch the sunrise over the fjords, or relax with […]

My Top 8 Tips To Make Your Norwegian Elopement EXTRA Magical

Elopementphotographer Ada Today iam showcasing amazing images taken by Ada, a wedding- and elopementphotographer located in Bergen, Norway.  The story today takes place in Lofoten. Follow Ada on Instagram: Find out more about Ada´s services:     Winter Elopement in Lofoten As for a dream wedding, each of us imagines it completely differently. […]

Winter Elopement in Lofoten

Elopement photographer Bethine Elizabeth Today iam showcasing amazing images taken by Bethine Elizabeth, a weddingphotographer located in Drammen, Norway.  The story today takes place in Hemsedal Follow Bethine Elizabeth on Instagram: Find out more about Bethine Elizabeth Services:   Elopements are, in my opinion, the perfect way to get married, as you are intentionally […]

Hemsedal The Scandinavian Alps

  Want to get married in Norway but have no idea where to start or how to do it? You´ve definitely come to the right place. HOW DO I DECIDE ON WERE TO GO? A few questions to ask yourself as you’re trying to determine a spot: – Is there a place that’s meaningful to […]

A day to remember – Eloping in Norway

  Deciding to plan an elopement is exciting and freeing Unlike traditional weddings, elopements are intimate and give you the freedom to plan your wedding day how you want to, without worrying about the big guest number or extra decorations. Golden hour You’ve probably taken a selfie during golden hour before and if you know […]

Sunset elopement in Norway

An adventurous elopement combining waves and fjords with apple trees and sunset in Ryfylke – by Foto Gard  Helene and Gunnar chose the most perfect date when they chose to get married at Helgøybakkane Fruktgard in Ryfylke the last Saturday of May. The sun was shining, the wind had settled and the 40 000 fruit […]

An adventurous elopement combining waves and fjords with apple trees and sunset in Ryfylke – by Foto Gard 

Do you want elopement style wedding pictures with the traditional wedding? I got news for you, there are NO rules. … and Norway is a great country for just that. Almost everywhere we turn we have beautiful mountains, fjords, forests, lakes, nature’s artwork gracing us with her wonders at every turn. Nature is my canvas […]

We have news for you. There are no rules!

WHY YOU SHOULD ELOPE IN WESTERN NORWAY – A DAY IN BALESTRAND WITH INGELIN & HÅVARD If you’re recently engaged and looking for an intimate, adventurous and unforgettable way to do it – Eloping in the west of Norway is a breathtaking journey for you and your love to start your new chapter. This is […]


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